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Generate Contours in Pix4DMatic


my company is using the Pix4D Matic trial for a rather large dataset. (Almost 72 hours after beginning and we have reach the 50% mark! :astonished:) We are pretty pleased with the software so far and will be upgrading to P4DMatic. As we go, we are comparing it to Pix4DMapper, using the same enormous dataset.

I haven’t noticed where to set the parameters for contour exports, though. It seems like I am missing this feature entirely. Some of us use the contours generated in Pix4DMapper, with specific minor and major intervals. This option will be missed if it isn’t available in P4DMatic.

Am I just not seeing it? Is it maybe only because we are using the trial version right now?

Thanks in advance for your help and replies!

Hi @Heidi

We’re glad you like PIX4Dmatic so far! Contours are being developed in PIX4Dsurvey and should be available towards end of Q3 according to the current plan.

The PIX4Dmatic software is going to focus on the photogrammetry part of things to ensure an accurate reconstruction and PIX4Dsurvey on the data extraction part, i.e. vectorization, TIN creation, contours, volumes,…

I hope that the contours are not a blocker for adopting PIX4Dmatic. Let me know if it is, this will help provide feedback to the team. In any case, we’re going to work on implementing this in PIX4Dsurvey soon (there is a bundle price for PIX4Dmatic + PIX4Dsurvey and they work natively together).

Will Pix4Dmatic export contours in dxf format as will Pix4Dmapper?