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GDAL Error <3>

I am getting the error below:

Warning w9020: GDAL Error <3> Free disk space available is 482729934848 bytes, whereas 700113632976 are at least necessary. You can disable this check by defining the CHECK_DISK_FREE_SPACE configuration option to FALSE.

I am processing a mosaic and find it VERY hard to believe that it takes 700 GB of storage to do so. The total storage for the raw photos is 94GB. Any tips how to overcome this error?

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps in your Processing Options, you marked Merged Tiles .

When merging the tiles, we have to allocate on the disk a non-compressed image in which we stitch the tiles and compress the results.

Therefore, the peak disk usage for the merged output will be very high before compression, and should go down to a number similar to the individual tile after merging is finished (depending on the compression efficiency).

Thus, the solution would be either unchecking the Merged Tiles option or increasing the memory.

I believe that the first option is much easier :slight_smile: