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Free flight mode - Phantom 3 advanced or newer DJI

I am using the free flight mode to fly under the tree canopy (10’ - 20’) of a street and I am having issues with the Phantom 3 advanced wanting to land when I get near 10’ to the ground. I have looked around for a setting to disable the sensors, but I don’t see anything… thoughts?

Hi Jason,

We are not sure to understand your question. Which sensors would you like to disable?
You can pilot the drone but you cannot manually land the drone at the end of a Free Flight Mission?


I need to disable the downward facing sensors on the Phantom 3 advanced. The problem is when I am in free flight mode the phantom 3 advanced wants to go into landing mode when flying 10’ above the ground, so it will not maintain a proper height. How can I disable that setting on the Phantom?