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Flir Vue Pro Camera Setup for DJI Phantom 4 Pro


I’m planning to do Thermal Image mapping with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro using FLIR VUE PRO Camera. I’ve few doubts for using this.


From YouTube videos, I understood that both DJI Camera and Flir Vue Pro can be mount at same time and Pix4D is supporting Vue Pro Camera.


Doubt : Can I set Automatic Triggering for Flir Vue Pro in Pix4D Application??

Is that Vue Pro Camera work like DJI Camera without Flir Application??

My purpose is to take Thermal Images using Vue Pro and making 3D Models for Mapping. 

Hi Rijun,

After a proper integration of the camera on your P4P, you should be able to implement the Flir Vue Pro as a custom camera using the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture. The procedure to do is explained here.
The important step is to define the time-lapse directly in the settings of the camera (I suggest you have a look at the camera’s documentation for this), and then apply the same value for the Min. triggering interval [s] in the application. If not, the camera will not take any picture as it cannot be controlled by Pix4Dcapture.

Note: It is important to make a proper integration of the camera on the drone so that it does not conflict with some drone sensors, which can induce issues when using Pix4Dcapture.