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Thermal camera and drone Compatibility


I’ve been using pix4d with my DJI Phantom 4 pro and love the results.   I am hoping to capture thermal images and create thermal maps of large areas.  I would like a drone, visible camera, and thermal camera  that works out of the box with the pix4d android app.  I’ve looked at the list of compatible drones/cameras etc, but this is a huge purchase and I want to be sure.  Could I get some options?  It needs to have:

  1. BOTH visible and thermal cameras.

  2. Absolute thermal measurements.  NOT relative.

  3. Be compatible out of the box with pix4d android app.  I want to capture both visible and thermal images during the same mission.  


Hi Mike, 

At this moment, no multispectral cameras are supported by Pix4Dcaputre app. In the case of the thermal camera, Zenmuse XT is supported. In case you don’t know, you could use any drone/camera/image acquisition software and still analyze your data using Pix4Dmapper software.