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Pix4dmapper processing FLIR Vue Pro R image

Hello Pix4D team,
We are using FLIR VUE Pro R and DJI drones to shoot small areas of the ground to obtain thermal infrared images. We want to use Pix4D for stitching after acquiring the images to obtain a complete range of thermal infrared images of the study area. I have the following questions to consult:

First, FLIR Vue Pro R can provide files in three formats, namely JPG, TIFF and RJPG. Should I use the RJPG file format? For this file format, after obtaining it, do other operations need to be performed?

Second, it is written in the official support of Pix4D: FLIR Vue Pro R obtains relative temperature. What should I do if I need to obtain absolute temperature?

The last question. Before, I used JPG or TIFF for stitching, and the result had a problem: the pixel value of the obtained tif image was deviated from the original image, which would cause the ground temperature we obtained and the camera to obtain Inconsistent.

Thank you for browsing my questions patiently and looking forward to your reply

You need to use rjpeg images to get absolute temperature values. In our article,, the cross means it is supported. So FLIR vue pro R gives absolute temperature if you are using the rjpeg images. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile: