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Radiometric thermal orthoimage in version 3.1.18

I am using version 3.1.18. Do you know if it is possible to perform orthoimage using radiometric jpeg taken with a FLIR vue pro R? In the current version I know it is possible, but I need to be able to process it with version 3.1.18.

Thanks and regards

Hi Gon,

The RJPEG is a compression which contains the thermal tiff images and radiometric information in a separate JPG file. 
When you import a RJPEG into Pix4D, the software will extract the thermal TIF images automatically and save them into a folder called “converted”. These TIF images are the one used for producing the emittance map.
Basically, the RJPEG format contains two files, a TIF file and a JPG file. The TIF file contains the thermal information and the JPG contains RGB information (in case your camera is able to capture it) or some other color information which the manufacturer adds for visualization purposes.
In any case, Pix4D will be able to use the TIFF images, so if you are going to use only the thermal images, it is the same if you import TIFF or RJPEG.

Hi Momtanu

Thank you very much for the reply.
Do you know if version 3.1.18 does too?

Hi Gon,

It should be able to process the images.

Hi Momtanu.

Thank you very much for the reply.
I am trying it several times and it does not do the conversion that you say (version 3.1.18).
I had previously tried it in the current trial version and it does the conversion.
Could it be that in that version the conversion was not yet implemented?
Some alternative?

Best regards


Indeed we indeed started supporting RJPEG images recently. That’s my bad! I think updating the version will be a good option. Version 3.1.18 allows you to retrieve thermal information on a relative scale whereas using the latest version allows you to retrieve absolute temperature (another advantage)