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Flir tau2 camera optimization camera Model Bands

I have a flir tau2 LWIR with a 19mm lens option ( ==> ) I am stuck in the camera models parameters. Anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot !

Best, Simon

Dear Simon,

From the spec sheet, we can see that the pixel pitch (or size) is 17 um. Since your focal length is 19mm, we can see that the focal length in pixel is 19mm/17um=1117.65 pixels. You can also input this on the left hand side. The values for principal point in x and y should be half of the values of the width and heigth (as this is the center of the image). For the first processing, you should put all distortion values to 0 (these will be computed by the software).

We also suggest you process with the Flir processing template

You can find the whole calibration procedure here

Best regards,

Dear Pix4D support,

I have the same question, but I follow the first link and open the Tetracam processing template. So, do you have a Flir template?

Best Regards

Dear Camilo,

The processing template has been renamed Thermal and should be available to you when creating a new project. You can see our recommendations for thermal projects processing here:

Best regards,