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File location

Can someone tell me where the file with the finished composite that you can access from the opening screen is located. I have about a 2 by 2 mile composite i have done and the tff is too large to open, over 800,000 MB. I need to transfer this composite to another pix4d computer. I am not talking about an export


I suggest you export the GeoTIFF, or screenshot and/or the project to your second device (I know you said that you are not refering to export, but I consider this is the best workflow at the moment). You will find more information about exporting here: Inputs and outputs of Pix4Dreact – Support

After exporting the project or files of your device B you can delete the project on device A to get more space on your device.

Let’s see if someone else has more ideas.


As I explained in my post !!!The file is too big. When i export the tff the file is almost a gig. Photoshop or nothing can find will open it. Exporting is not an option. The pix4d file is somewhere on the computer and i was just wanting to be able to locate it.