Fertilization maps with pix4d

Hi all,
I am trying to generate a fertilization map using pix4d.
I did an NDVI map and with that I used the zonation tool in pix4d to divide the map in fertilization zones. After that I did a check on the field and I found some issues with the zonation. The main issue is that with the zonation the map gets too simple, some “small zones” are included in bigger zones. Nevertheless I don’t think that those small zones should be included in the bigger ones. The NDVI map gets really well the variability of the field, but with the zone map some of this variability is lost.
In the next two images I try to explain what I mean.

If you need further clarification of this mapìtter please let me know.
Thanks for your time

Hi Filippo,

Thanks for the feedback. We will redo the Zonation tool in a future update and solve those issues.

Hi Julius
Thank you for your feedback