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Feature Verification of Pix4D

Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand the capabilities of pix4d.

I want to verify if pix4d has the following functionalities :

  1. Stereo digitalization feature. I mean does it let the user to use a stereoscopic 3d glass on a stereo image to make 3d digitalization.

  2. Control point triangulation and measurement.

  3. Export of digitized data as popular cad formats.

All the best,

Hi Mehmet

To ensure that none of your questions fall through the cracks, please allow me to address each one individually:

  1. From the information I have at the moment, there are no plans to use the stereoscopic vision in order to do the 3D digitalization.
  2. It is already possible to incorporate GCPs and field measurements in the projects in order to validate and improve the accuracy of the reconstruction. More in the Using GCPs article. 
  3. Distances, Areas or Volumes can be already measured and exported in other software, e.g. AutoCAD.