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Accuracy and reliability of Pix4DSurvey Technique

Hi I am wondering how is accuracy and reliability of Pix4DSurvey? And what can you say if we compare with stereo drawing ? What is the similarity and differences?

The accuracy of the vectorization will depend on the accuracy of the point cloud. For more information: Accuracy of Pix4D outputs.
Unfortunately, we do not have comparison data with stereo drawings. Let us know about your findings in case you perform such a comparison. We are very interested in knowing more.
Here you can find more information:
Does Pix4D offer stereo-viewing options?

Hello Thank You for your reply.

My aim is digitazing your 3D data to 2D vector data.( i.e. vector base map including building floor area and corner ) .And after drawing the results will checked by terresterial methots ( total station and RTK ). What do you think about accuracy(with numbers) for this ? And also I will check out your links.

Thank you !

The accuracy of the 2D outputs will heavily depend on the accuracy of your 3D data.
The accuracy of the 3D data (point cloud) depends on several factors:

  • how good are your images (good quality images with good overlap)
  • the pixel resolution of the camera
  • the GSD
  • the protogrammetric processing options (in Pix4Dmapper)
  • the usage of GCPs
    Here you can find more information: Accuracy of Pix4D outputs.

It is hard to give a specific output accuracy number given that all these factors play a role.
In general, for a good project, you can expect an accuracy of 1-3 times the GSD for your 3D outputs. These errors will be reflected also on your 2D vector data.

I recommend you to get a trial and test Pix4Dmapper with your own data, and check the accuracy of the point cloud with terrestrial methods (as you mentioned).
We also offer some training options: Training in case you want to know more about how to use our products.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Christina !
Thank You for reply! I started the trial version while using my old computer but I couldn’t use it because the computer crashed. Can you give me a trial version again?

Sure! Please contact our sales team and they will arrange it!