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Feature Request(s) - Colorblind settings

Good Morning, 

Would it be possible to implement some settings in Pix4d Desktop that allow us to change the color (and possibly icon?) of a few problem areas when working in the program?  I’m told that my color deficiency is a little more severe than most people, and the only time I struggle with this in Pix4d is when trying to calibrate uncalibrated cameras. The color difference between the “+” systems overlaid on the images is difficult to distinguish. 


While I’m on the topic of feature requests, here’s a couple more unrelated requests:

  1. All of the work Pix4d has done recently with the cloud platform is fantastic, and I’ve started using it on more and more projects. The recent addition of the “elevation profile” tool & the ability to export a CSV means that some of our engineers are starting to get in the habit of leaving our cloud projects open and using them for simple feature extraction, depending on the task.   The first things they asked when they saw the elevation profile tool was - “Can we import a centerline or alignment polyline and generate cross sections at each station?”.   I’m not sure what your vision is for the cloud platform in the next 2 years, but this feature alone would encourage many of our engineers to use it more often. 


  1. Automatic breakline extraction , with customizable settings.  Pix4d handles the point cloud rendering so much better than any of the other software we use, but it doesn’t have enough digitizing tools to make it practical.  Even simple high/low snapping options with thresholds would be useful. 


  1. Improved user experience for manually calibrating uncalibrated cameras.  I’m sure the colorblind issue contributes, but this is the only task in Pix4d that doesn’t feel intuitive, personally. 


4.  Alternate symbol/icon options when marking ground control.  Ideally, I’d like to see an " X " and " > " symbol with adjustable colors that can be rotated with keyboard shortcuts while marking. 


5.  Clear & Visible metadata display in the cloud, including a fillable comment box.   Force it to display any time features are exported after digitizing in the cloud. 


6.   Checkbox to show/hide ground control in the cloud orthomosaic & point cloud, including original coordinate system and coordinates.  Setting to make it display by default.   

Hi Derrick,

Thank you for this thorough and structured feedback, it is very appreciated :slight_smile:

I have reported your feedback regarding colorblind settings, as well as points 1, 2, 4 and 6.
I would need more information concerning the other points you raised in order to better understand your needs and report your feedback.

3. Please let me know if there is any other feature other than the colorblind settings that would improve your experience. Is your main issue differentiating the calibrated and uncalibrated cameras because of the color, or is it also something else about the symbols used? Or the way the cameras are listed in the Layers panel?

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems you would like to be able to log all operations performed on a project, right? Would you like it to be automatic (something similar to the Log Output on Pix4D Desktop), or should it be filled manually?

Looking forward to your reply.