Feature Request: Improved Deere Ops boundary integration

Fantastic to see integration with Deere Ops.

Is it possible to pull boundaries directly through the Deere Ops connection ?

My current workflow requires manually exporting boundaries from Deere Ops and retaining them in local copy. This is usable in its current form but does not allow automatic incorporation of boundary changes. Boundaries should still be held in local copy with some sort of polling methodology to maintain synchronization. This would allow work to continue without internet connectivity.

To explore this idea further, it would be helpful if I could select specific farm details (Grower, Farm, Field, Boundary, ) and create a hierarchical data structure in Fields that matches. This would be a real time saver when taking on new clients; 2 minutes and a few clicks gives me the full farm structure. This is particularly useful to ensure the grower and I agree we are talking about the same field boundary.


Hi Pete,

that’s something already on our minds for next year, probably together with a rework of the overall UI in that direction. We see that our users get more serious and need better ways to handle their many datasets for different clients. Thanks for the feedback.

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