Feature Request: Grid generation rotation snap

When generating grid patterns, it would be helpful to be able to double click on an obvious sprayer track and have the rotation angle snap to the track angle. Alternatively, let me import my AB lines from the spray console or worse case, let me mark an AB line in Fields that the grid can then snap to.

I know my sprayer geometry and dimensions but the angle varies across seasons. From a variable rate prescription perspective, I can only change rate across the full width of the sprayer. Having the grid misaligned with the spray angle gives unpredictable results.


Hi Peter,

that is an interesting idea. So the current tools to rotate and shift the grid in X/Y are not sufficient to achieve the accuracy you expect?

Should the grid cell be centered on the AB-Line or start with it?

With white gridlines it’s difficult to get perfect alignment; a quick double click shortcut for alignment to optical feature would be perfect.

User configurable north, south, center would be most useful then folks could chose the option that suits them best.

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