Failed to login

I just activated my Pix4D react license and downloaded the software. I am attempting to log in but I am getting an error: “R0081: Could not log in. Please verify your email to confirm your account.” I downloaded Pix4Dmatic and mapper earlier today and used the same log in, but did not have the same problem. Can you please assist?

Hi @csudrones

I have confirmed your account. You should now be able to access the PIX4Dreact license. Please be advised that the account confirmation emails were soft-bounced and deferred. Some of the causes are:

  • Mailbox is full (over quota).
  • Mailbox is inactive.
  • The recipient email server is down or offline.
  • The domain name does not exist.
  • Email message does not meet the recipient server’s anti-spam requirements.
  • Email message does not meet the recipient server’s anti-virus requirements.

Would you please check your email account, antivirus, email address, and the other possible causes?

While I have confirmed your account so that you can use your license(s), future communications, including reminders about expiring S&U will also softbounce until you are able to correct the situation.

Ryan Hughes

Thank you for your assistance! I was able to access the license. I reached out to our IT department and they advised that they think they fixed the problem. Is there anyway a test email can be sent to see if that is the case?

Hi, I sent the email.