Failed DSM processing on CPU Intel Core i9 14900KF and MSI RTX 4070 Ti


I have the following Desktop PC but it always failed processing at DSM stage. Why?

CPU: Intel Core i9 14900KF
Cooler: NZXT Kraken 240 RGB
Ram: XPG DDR4 D50 3200Mhz 64GB (32GB*2)
Storage: M.2 PCIE Legend 850 1TB
Storage: 2TB 3.5
MB: Asus Prime Z790-P Wifi D4
Power: Gigabyte UD1000w Gold
Case:NZXT H5 Flow
Monitor MSI G274F

Hello @laveha_lmla,

The DSM generation could fail for various reasons, just to name a few: not enough RAM, not enough disk space, cannot read the input point cloud, etc…

Could you share the project logs of a project after it failed generating the DSM?
This support page explains how to do so:

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i have the same processor and tried 3 different motherboads. I can process a project on my slow laptop with no issues. i try to use this computer and Pix4d app just closes out, majority of the time during Initial processing. nothing shows up in the log. I think its a software issue.

if i reduce the CPU threads i can get smaller projects to finish.

Did you turn off overclocking? I have a 13900kf and I had to change the default motherboard overclocking settings. Specifically the power limits. Be sure you set the CPU power limit to Intel default. Otherwise it will overheat, even with a good cooler, and Pix4D will shut down.