Excessive DSM Processing Times

I am getting excessive processing times for the DSM step. My most recent project was 2553 24MP images. My processing times for calibration (40m), densification (55m) and orthomosiac (6m) all seemed reasonable but for the DSM it took over 7h to complete. The majority of the time it seemed to be stuck on “Generating DSM Tiles”. I’ve noticed this on other projects as well so this isn’t a project specific issue. The first time this happened I tried the usual troubleshooting techniques. I checked for windows updates and GPU driver updates. The drivers did need updating but even after the update the issue persisted. I have attached the quality report and logs. Any help would be appreciated.
report and logs.zip (1.2 MB)

Hi Michael,

Could you please try a recent PIX4Dmatic version to see if the issue persists?

If yes, please provide a screenshot of the scene and 100 images so we can examine it from our side.

Best regards,