Processing Time for 6400 high res Images

I have a mid-size project I have been processing in Pix4d Matic that is 6400 images flown with a Wingtra Gen 2 and 42mp Sony. I started processing on Thursday evening and planned on letting it run through the weekend with the expectation of having a completed project by Monday morning. The densification processing took 23.5 hours and it’s only 40% done with generating computed depth maps my monday morning. I still have to generate a dsm, textured mesh, and orthomosaic and need to export a quality report, dsm, and orthomosaic. The client has been pressuring me for this data and I am trying to give them and rough time frame, but this project has been harder to predict that others I ran just before it. I had two projects complete processing that were 4500 and 5400 images respectively and both flown with the same system. Why is this taking so much longer?

Hi @gharger ,

May I ask if you have set up the GPU for PIX4Dmatic to take the most resource out of it?

If not, I highly recommend setting this up. You can follow the instructions here:

How to set PIX4Dmatic to use a discrete graphics card (Windows 10 and Windows 11)

It would also help to ensure no other GIS software or any software that consumes much of the hardware resources is opened at the same time.

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Rosana (she/her)