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Extremely slow point cloud loading

I’m trying to process a project with 2,400 images. The densified point cloud ended up being 244 million points. Now in step 3, it has been extremely slow to load the point cloud in order to begin creating the DSM.

This is on a robust 32 thread Xeon based computer with 64gb of memory, and an Nvidia Quadro graphics card. 

Why is the load taking so long (going on 36 hours) and what can I do to speed it up?

What ssd and what quadro card are you running?

Quadro 2000 I believe. 

What kind of hard drive do you have?

It’s an SSD, though I’m not sure which one.

So far the weakest link I see is the Quadro card due to the fact it has 192 or so cuda cores.

On my current machine I run a i7 with dual gtx 970 which have around 1600 cuda cores each. With this setup a project containing around 5000 12MP pictures from start to finish , takes roughly 20 hours to complete.

Do you have the model of the motherboard and xeons?

Those don’t affect step 3 but can limit performance , but considering you do have 32 cores I assume you have a E5 family Xeon.  

Yes - E5-2670.

I’ve been running this on another machine as well, and it’s outfitted with a Quadro 4000 as well as a GTX980. I started it when the Xeon machine was at about 49%, and the GTX980 machine has already far passed it. The Xeon server is only at 65%, and my GTX980 machine is at 94%.

I have the strong feeling the Quadro 2000 is the bottleneck . Can you swap it out for the gtx 980 to test?


I can’t unfortunately. The 2000 is on a server that I’m leasing space on. The 980 is on my local processing computer. Sounds like I just need to run step 3 locally to improve the speed.

Yup , you will notice the significant improvement over the server you are leasing.

I’m experiencing the same problem: 120 photos set, point cloud load extremely slow.

My set up is a double Xeon E5-2650 v4 (12 core) - 256GB RAM - double PNY Quadro M4000 (8GB - 1664 Cuda each one) - SDD 1TB


Any suggestion?


Any suggestions from Pix4D team on this.  

We have Dual Xeon E5-2640 v3 @2.4Ghz (10 Core per Processor) and 64GB RAM, Window 10, Samsung SSD 2TB Pro, and Quadro M5000 8GB RAM.

I feel we are getting better performance from our Dell XPS 15 i7 Laptops running 16GB RAM and 2GB Graphics Card?

Again loading and generating point cloud is extremely slow, even on small projects.




Just noticed this…   changed from loading point cloud 20mins to get to 4%, not loaded to 20% in 30 seconds… see how it goes.

Hope this helps others