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Very slow point cloud loading

Hi, I´m having issues with Step 3. Point Cloud loading is soooo slow, hours to load! And sometimes the software shuts down… annoying. It´s a big project, 1000 images of 50MP. It had taken long periods to load, but lately it´s been way to long.

I´m using a i9-7900x, 32GB, NVIDIA Geforce 1070, SSD 960 EVO 500GB, and images saved on an internal HDD.


Hi Santiago,

Were your previous projects similar in size and images resolution?
Were you using the previous Pix4Dmapper version? It has been reported that the latest version uses more resources during the third step. This could be one of the reason why it takes longer than usual.

During step 3, the Hard Disk is the most important component and defines the processing speed.
Hardware components usage when processing with Pix4D
System requirements: Minimum and recommended computer specifications

Therefore in order to free the HDD for processing, I would recommend you to save your images on the SDD.
It is usually recommended to process your projects on the  SSD  and to store the images on the  SSD  while processing.
It is not necessary to have Pix4Dmapper installed on the SSD, but it would allow the software to launch faster. However, you should process the project on the SSD with the images on the SSD as well for the maximal performance. The different steps use the resources of the computer in a different way and in some steps (especially during step 3) the hard drive is used a lot to read and write the results. 

To prevent crashing, I can also recommend you to slightly decrease the “Maximum Resources Available for Processing” as adding a limit could impede crashing:

I would also to add to your RAM are not optimal according to the resolution of your images.
Ensure that you drivers are updated:
How to verify that the driver of the graphic card supports OpenGL 3.2
How to update the NVIDIA graphic card

Hope this will help,