Point cloud classification speed (4.0.25) - slowing down

Hi guys

I’m processing a job with 209 million points in the point cloud. It’s going through the point cloud classification process and appears to have broken it down into groups of 10,000 points. It processed through about 8800 of the 20947 groups in 30 minutes but has only progressed to 9635 in 6 hours.

Is this normal? Will it take days to process? Or will it grind to a halt?



Known issue that is supposed to be fixed in the latest preview version.

Have a look here for comments on this subject.

All good now. It went quickly to 8000 (30mins), then another 8hrs to get to 10000, and then speed up again and got to 20947 in just under 10hrs. So it worked OK but I prefer progress indicators that move at a consistent speed.

Glad that it worked out. I have transferred your feedback to the Product Manager responsible for the point cloud classification.