Exporting Cesium Tiles

I was working on integrating the output from Pix4D Matic into Cesium tiles. Problem is when I import the exported data from Pix4DMatic into cesium, it doesn’t have any of the geolocation information. The Matic data is georeferenced so I’m confused, since other software allows for the georeferenced data to be included in cesium exports.

Hi @esidronemap1,

Did you export the 3D mesh in Cesium 3D Tiles format or .obj? If it is .obj, it is expected that it is not georeferenced.


From v1.38.0, you can export in Cesium 3D Tiles format.

You can download the latest version here: Technical release notes - PIX4Dmatic

For your reference: Mesh - PIX4Dmatic

Feel free to let me know if exporting in Cesium 3D Tiles format works for you. :+1:

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Rosana (she/her)

The file was exported as Cesium 3D Tiles. The project was processed using RTK drone images and GCPs which the project output format was in the local US state plane coordinate system.

I can share the cesium output files if needed, but when selecting ceisum tiles it still places the asset at 0,0,0 lat long elev, not where the project is georeferenced

Hi @esidronemap1,

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Can you please share with me the coordinate system of your project (output coordinate system)?