Export Point Positions

How can I export the model coordinates of my check points? I understand the Matic gives a quality report but we need to be able to input this information into our internal accuracy QC report that needs X,Y,Z values of the points. I could accomplish this in Mapper with no issues.

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but are you referring to the red box place where after marking an MTP there is no coordinate showing?
At the moment, the only way to do it is to click the MTP, ensure the mouse stays there, and check the status center at the bottom that shows the coordinate information. I believe this is a nice request. Would you mind sharing with us where you would like to apply this information or where you would need this information a little more? :slight_smile:

Rosana (she/her)


I am using Matic lot of with quarries and mines. I make terrain model before blast. I hope that i could mark every borehole positions from model and get those coordinate information. That would help me lot of. I hope that i also could export those coordinate informatios so i could compare them to planned locations. Now i need to measure those locations with GPS-stick as same times when I measure GCP locations. It take quite much time that versus if i could just mark those postions from caliprated model.

I would be very happy if this feature is made to program!

  • Veikko

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Thank you for providing feedback into your usecase and lending a voice to this request. I see you have not applied a vote yet, and highly recommend that you do. Just click the Vote button at the top of the screen.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into making the GCPs, Checkpoints and even MTPs exportable with their coordinates from within PIX4Dmatic.

@veikko.sottinen it sounds like you need PIX4Dsurvey? Download PIX4Dsurvey software