Exporting a targeting operation into agleader

Does any have this problem?

Drawing a targeted prescription to go into aglader, theres an article on here that says it needs to go through QGIS to go from shape file line to polygon. However, when its in qgis it only wants to go the opposite way and when plugged into Agleader the RX File wont load direct from pix fields

Hi Mark,

Can you share the article about the conversion to polygon? What specific Agleader monitor do you have?

You can always open a support ticket in RequestForm, as you have a PIX4Dfields license with valid Support.

Hi Jose,

this articl/ post

Agleader is a 1200

Hi Mark,

I dont think you need this anymore. You can create a Operations layer and export this with the Generic Tractor/Sprayer profile. That generates an Rx shapefile which you can import into your terminal.

The import step should follow this procedure I suppose:

Or this one: