Exported OBJ not orientated

I am starting to get to grips with Matic.

I have got to exporting a OBJ model, upon opening this in Windows 3D Viewer the model is stood on its end and the centre of rotation appears to be the middle of the bottom edge. The model appears correctly within 3D viewer so, just trying to understand what settings I need to change?

I can’t see anyway to correct this during the mesh creation stage.

The images were captured using a DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise with RTK fitted.

Hi, have you used the “default” or the “project CRS” option when exporting the mesh as obj? Depending on the viewer, you need to use the default (that has a side car file with the geolocation) or the project CRS export that updates the mesh vertices with the project CRS directly:

In your case, I assume that changing to “project CRS” should solve the issue?


Thanks for the reply, strangely I don’t have any export options as pictured, just what format to output in. Do I need to enable anything? Or is a limit of the trial (currently exploring purchasing)

Hi, maybe you’re on an older version. Can you download the newest (preview) release here? Download Pix4D software

Note: later this week we’ll release a new stable release too.