Mesh orientation error


I need to create a 3D mesh of a dam. I had no problem except one, the dam isn’t horizontal, it’s slightly leaning to the right side (as you can see on the picture below)

I failed using the orientation constraint tool. I’d like to know if there are videos or tutorials on how to use this tool, because I can’t manage to straight it up…
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Hi Louis,

Can you please walk me through your steps so that I can see where the problem might be?
Then I’ll be able to help you and improve the behavior of the tool, if it’s not clear.

Thank you,

Sorry for the late answer,
First of all, I added all my photos (from a Mavic 3 Enterprise) in pix4dmatic, then i calibrated it and process to create mesh from the densified point cloud. This is all I did and the screenshot of the dam above is what i got. I still can’t figure out how to use the orientation constraint tool. I tried 2 ways to change the orientation (with X and with Y axis) But i don’t know which direction should I choose to straight the dam up (see picture below).
1 or 2 ?

I’m not sure why it’s tilted, knowing more about your project e.g. with a quality report could help for that.

That said, if you want to use the orientation constraint, the simplest is probably to pick a line that should be vertical and put a Z constraint on that. Note that orientation constraints are usually meant for projects that do not have accurate GPS data in images (or GCPs), otherwise the constraints could be conflicting. If that were the case, you could try editing the image accuracies in the cameras table (multi select, edit one and it changes all of them, e.g. 5m on x/y and 10m on z).

Once you added the orientation constraint, you need to reoptimize and regenerate the results for dense and mesh.

Let us know how it went.

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