mesh comes out upside down

As a learning exercise, I re-processed one of my projects and selected all the high resolution and density options.

The triangle mesh model came out upside down!!

Note the x/y/x vector in the photos below.

Any idea what might have caused this?

Many Thanks!


I had a look at your images and the difference I notice is between the orientation axes.
For example if you have a look at the bottom left corner of your images you can easily check the difference. Did you add an orientation constraints?


Thank you Nikoleta - for taking a look at my problem.

No - I didn’t add any orientation constraints - I’m not familiar with that option or how to do it.

When Step-2 completes, the 3D Mesh is completely upside down - I have to rotate it just to see the “upper” surface. Otherwise, it’s just a blob - as any mesh appears from the bottom. It never lets me rotate it completely so the mesh appears right side up.

Note on the mesh example I included, the Z axis is pointing down toward the top surface of the model - which means its pointing towards the ground.

Thank you for helping me sort this out - it seems quite a strange problem!

Hello @joe.stroup, Can you click on the below icon and then try to orient to see if that solves your issue?

If that doesn’t solve your issue, try creating a new project and process it again to see if that solves your issue.