Export photos with vector


Is it possible to export images (on the right side of this screen) with vector applied?

Hi @kontakt1,

Thank you for your suggestion, it looks interesting.
I have forwarded your request to the product team.
Also, I have moved your request to the "PIX4Dsurvey Feature Request" section. From here, other users can vote for your request. Don’t forget to vote for your suggestion using the Vote button in the top-left corner of the thread.


Hi @kontakt1

Can you tell us more about how you plan to use this? My understanding is that it would provide a new kind of view on a project. I’m wondering though if you’d really like to see it from an image like in your screenshot, or if you’d prefer to see this in a 2D map view instead? (e.g. on an orthomosaic)


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This would definitely be a useful feature to overlay proposed CAD designs via vector lines onto an ortho and/or captured photos to give a more natural viewing perspective with oblique images of the project area. Being able to export a photo that will overlay bio or arch ESAs would be amazing. Perfect for cell site design visualization, mark up on ortho or import vector lines which then get imposed on any photo I used to build the ortho. Overlay of simple text would compliment nicely.

Visualising a vector on an orthomosaic is relatively simple. All you need to do is open the orthophoto in a GIS or CAD environment.

In some projects, the client does not need an orthophoto, but only a visualisation of his project on the images. Therefore, a 2D view is not of interest to him. In this case, a visualisation of a road, warehouse or other object. Taking a screenshot is not an iterative process. Each time, I have to set the window size, for example, from scratch. Which, with a project consisting of 300 or even 1000 plots, is very labour-intensive. In addition, the resolution of the screenshot itself is much worse than the original photo.

Okay, I think I got it. The idea is to have a more “natural” view on the area by viewing all the vectorized data in the images. If you could export these together, then you could simply pick a few of them (or simply send all) as illustrations of the work to your clients. We plan to add visualisation to the image viewer, we’ll need to work on the export then. Thanks for the input!

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