A new suggestion/feature request in pix4Dmatic


as known that in pix4Dmatic one can create an orthophoto just from one perspective (currently from a top view). I think, it would be meaningfull if the developers start in extend this issue to create orthophotos from different views like a from horizontal view, etc. the advantage is that we can do every thing using one software, and no need to process the datasets in another software like pix4D mapper. What do you think? do you need it?


Hello @a.alamouri, Thank you for your suggestion. I believe it is good to have the option to generate the facade as we can do it on the PIX4Dmapper. That is why I am moving this post to a feature request category where users can vote for the feature.

Key stakeholders responsible for our products’ development will check the number of votes and the importance of the feature to decide about the product development.