Ethernet Adapter Compatibility with Stable Pix4D Data Upload Issue


I’m reaching out with a technical issue that I’ve been facing lately and could really use some insights or solutions. It’s a bit of a niche problem involving the QLogic QML2692 16 Gb Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapter for Flex System and the stability of Pix4D during data uploads.

I recently upgraded to the QLogic QML2692 Ethernet Adapter on my system to enhance my data transfer capabilities. My work heavily relies on processing and uploading large datasets through Pix4D, a photogrammetry software. However, since the upgrade, I’ve been experiencing some inconsistencies during the data upload process.

  1. Upload Interruptions: During the data upload to Pix4D Cloud, I’m noticing sporadic interruptions. The uploads pause abruptly and then resume after a short while, affecting the overall efficiency of my workflow.
  2. Network Fluctuations: Even though my network connection seems stable, the Pix4D upload seems to be sensitive to any minor fluctuations, causing temporary upload failures.
  3. Speed Variation: The upload speed isn’t as consistent as it used to be. While it sometimes reaches high speeds, it often drops unexpectedly.

I’m turning to this community in the hopes that someone might have encountered a similar situation or has expertise in this area. If you’ve experienced something similar or have insights into how the QLogic QML2692 adapter might interact with Pix4D’s data upload process, your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hi @charleskaren732,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

As a first disclaimer, I just want to point out that at Pix4D we don’t troubleshoot this kind of issues related to the way a device is connected to the internet.
However, we can still give some guidance :slight_smile:.

  • Are you uploading the images to PIX4Dcloud using PIX4Dmapper or using the online interface (
  • Also, are you using the same device for other tasks? It might be interesting to know if other applications are also affected by this loss in performance.
  • Make sure that the firmware and drivers for the adapter are up to date.
  • Try to use another device connected to the same network and upload again.
  • Try to connect to another network using the same device.

All this should help you to identify where the bottleneck is between:

  • Your (local) network
  • The network adapter
  • The device


Edit: I have moved the topic to the Pix4D cloud section.