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errors when reading geolocation file with 15-day trial Pix4D


Does the trial version of Pix4D desktop not allow to load ‘user own’ images with geolocation file?


Hi Larry, 

All functionalities of the software should be available on the trial. Do you have a specific error message that is displayed? If you could post a screenshot or copy the error message that would help. Also, do you import images with geolocation stored in the EXIF tags or do you import the geolocation in a separate file?


The geolocation in a separate file (txt), which is like

The trial version works with EXIF demo (Quarry, Cadastral). 


Thanks for the screenshots, much clearer like that. 

Try adding the “.JPG” at the end of the image names in the text file. Then you can give it a try again. If this does still not work, please add the comma separators as described in the specifications of the geolocation input file:

Let me know if that worked!

Pierangelo, thanks a lot,

It works by adding the “.JPG” at the end of the image names in the text file.



You are welcome! Glad that it is working. :slight_smile: