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Error e0400b problem

The computer turned off while working with pi4d project. Now when i want to open this project it gives me an error.

[Error]: xxx_03122021.p4d:1:1: error occurred while parsing element

[Error]: Error trying to convert the p4d: Could not read XML from input file

[Error]: Error e0400b: Cannot open project xxx_03122021.p4d. Invalid format.

I read the other posts but they didn’t help me.
Can you advise me how to solve it?

Hi Lukas,

Could you please send us the following?

▸ The quality report (.pdf format): …\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf
▸ The project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log
▸ The project file (.p4d): …\project_name.p4d

What is the license key you are using to log in or the email?