invalid format e0400b

when I open previous projects that created using 4.6.4 using newest version the error in attached appears, then I install 4.6.4 version and the same error appears.
How can I fix this issues?

Hi @suhaib

Shank you for sharing your message.

Please follow the instructions found on this page and let me know how it goes:

Hello Daniele
Thanks for your response
I already do these steps but the same message appears.

about using notepad++ its already Ceres

Hi @suhaib,

Please could you post your .p4d file here like we can take a look?

We are looking forward to your response.

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Hello Heydi

20210711_PIX_zAm14.p4d (393.8 KB)

Hi @suhaib,

There are two issues I noticed:

  1. The date time format in your file is wrongly stated and it will have to changed

  2. The Invalid format of the .p4d file.
    The .p4d format conversion is automatic when upgrading a project, meaning when jumping from one version to a more recent one. However if the gap between versions is too big, the conversion might fail and this is why this problem is occurring. Which PIX4Dmapper version are you using?
    What is the email of the account you are using?


Hi Nikoleta
I’m using 4.8 version, but this problem occurs also when using 4.6.4 version(this project done with this version).
my account is