Error e0400b: Invalid Format

I have downloaded a project from Pix4Dmapper Cloud and I am trying to open the .p4d file in the desktop version. However, I keep getting the “Invalid Format” error.  I opened notepad to make the suggested text changes in the html text…but the text was already entered as suggested.  I can’t seem to find any other troubleshooting options to fix the problem.  

Hi Derek,

This happens because of version inconsistencies. What is the version of your Pix4Dmapper and when did you process the project in the cloud?

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My current desktop version is 4.3.33.  I processed the projects about a month ago.  What steps do I need to take to correct this?


Thanks you!

Hi Derek,

Can you please try the following:

  1. Check if your Operating System (Windows) is up to date. If it is not, updated it and try to open the project once again. If it does not work go to point number 2.
  2. Log out from Pix4D. How to log out Pix4D Desktop.
  3. Uninstall the software and install it again following the instruction How to completely uninstall Pix4D Desktop
  4. Download the latest version.

Please give it a try and let me know how it goes. If the problem persists, we will investigate further.

Note: That if the project that you want to open was created in the greater version you can not open it by the older version. However, it should work the other way round.

HI Momtanu,

I have the same error e0400 b.
Am now using 4.1.23 .
All my troubles begin when i have downloaded latest version .
After advice , i uninstall it (by following the procedure ) .
after this, i can make the process with my old version, but if i close the project and wanted to open it again so rise this error e400b
what can i do to fix this problem

In case the instruction provided by my friend Momtanu did not work here are other examples:

  1. One reason you are getting that error is that the project you are trying to open was processing using the higher version of Pix4D mapper. By default, the .p4d file is not retro-compatible regarding the software version. As an example, it is not possible to open a project using 4. 1.0 if the project was previously created or opened using 4. **1.1 **.
  2. The second possibility is that your project files got broken. You can check it by opening either .log file in a text editor or .p4d file.

@s.kilolo you can share here with us your files and we can investigate the issue.


H i Beata,

Thank you for answer .

I’d rather to send you my files .
i use only 4.1.23 . For the process no pb .
But when i close it, i can’t open it .
Sorry i wanted to upload my files , but the server told me that i can’t because am new

Kind regards

@s.kilolo my apologies for the late reply.

Could you try to upload your files one more time?

Last week we changed the settings for new users. Therefore, now, you should be able to transfer the files to us. :wink: