Error e0060: Network error: verify your Internet connection: Error downloading - server replied: Forbidden

I don’t understand what is happening: until the day before yesterday my phantastic iMac Pro (late 2017) was able to process dataset using a Mac OSX 3.0.18 Pix4Dmapper version but now appears the message in object and I’m unable to resume my last projects made using OSX version. I’m really desperate: help me, please, to solve this big issue… and I own a perpetual license bought and payed on 2016…(a lot of money and a double seat one)

Hello Antonio,

Can you try to access the following website without a security error message ?
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Absolutely not: see the screenshot attached, it says “forbidden”

The development team is suggesting you to try again now, as they might have located the issue.

Ok: now I’m finally able to connect and use my perpetual, double seats, license of Pix4Dmapper (PRO) on my Apple Mac Pro (late 2013) and iMac Pro (late 2017), both not so cheaper ;-). What went wrong?