Error Code 400 trying to upload model in iOS Pix4dcatch

Tried 2 scans. Both wont let me upload. Get error code 400.

Hi aandersen,

Welcome to the community!

It sounds like you might not be logged in before uploading. Can you confirm you are logged in?

If you were logged in, can you please share:

  • log files
  • Device make/model/Operating System version
  • PIX4Dcatch version


-Jon (2.0 MB)
Ios 15.7 gave error. Updated to ios 16 and same thing. Iphone 13 pro max. 1.16.0

Hi aandersen,

From the logs I see the user uploading the project does not have a valid cloud license for upload throwing this error 400. I would suggest having them sign in using your credentials and upload using that. I see that you are trialing the software. It appears like you might be working as a crew, if so Enterprise user management might interest you, as it addresses this type of workflow.

Regardless, we are using this opportunity to see how we can provide better warnings in this case.

Let me know how it goes.