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DTM and Contours remain the same, despite having modified the Densified Point Cloud

Hi @flynow,

You might find Pix4Dsurvey useful ( - you can do a quick terrain filter, create a grid of points from the terrain, vectorize breaklines and even export a TIN to LandXML, which is quite Civil 3D friendly. Let me know what you think!


Thanks Nate, Sound like Virtual Survey – Which I have a trail of now but have not got to experiment with.

I am looking for a reliable, efficient way to get TIN to my clients and Cad Techs in C3D that don’t require hours of clipping in ReCap or Pix4D. Even when I clip areas out because of vegetation or improvements it must be noted so that the elevations across the missing TIN area are not interpolated by the engineers and high or low area is missed. It sound like I’m looking for a magic product that will classify points accurately so they can easily be removed for surface creation.

I did experiment with cloud compare and it did a decent job of resampling on grid but it defiantly cut out high areas and low area.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out.

Hi to all,

I had the same problem; after disabling objects and running step 3, both DTM and DSM included the disabled objects! But I found the solution:
1- Disable all buildings, trees, … etc manually, do not assign them in other groups except Disable!
2- Generate the 3D texture mesh, this is so important.
3- Run step 3 generate DSM, DTM, and contour for both.