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Clip DTM to part of the point cloud

I only want a DTM for a certain part of the point cloud and even though i have moved all of the unwanted data to the point group ‘Disabled’ when i produced the contours from the DTM they still cover the entire point cloud. Surely there is a way to clip part of the cloud and just generate a DTM and contours for this section?

Hi Matt,

Did you have a look at this

Let us know if this helps.

I have done exactly what you have directed me too. I have moved all unwanted points to ‘disabled’ then regenerated the DTM and re-exported the contour lines. The contour lines still cover the entire point cloud before it was edited, I need to limit the generation of the DTM to include just the points not in the disabled group.

Hi Matt,

That should not happen. Can you write a support ticket to us so that we can investigate in more details? Thank you.