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Drone model used for the cloud exmples

Hi i would be interested to know as to the drone types/ models use for the Pix4D Cloud examples, upon reviewing several of the cloud examples, I could find no reference information as to the drone types used,

To have a image quality reference point based on the camera censer size for each of the cloud examples, would of benefit.

Say if it was the mic 4/3rds or the 1" phantom or M,enterprise you would then know what is achievable in image quality for each of the drone camera type when processing with Pix4D.

Yes their are many factors like image overlap lap and and height of the images taken, etc… that alter the final quality but knowing the drone used would be of interests i think.

Just an idea

Hi Markp,
There are no drones that are specific to PIX4Dcloud in that it is the same engine as PIX4Dmapper. How you acquire your data is always important however there are a couple specific considerations in regards to the sensor itself. Drones with higher resolution sensors can achieve a lower ground sampling distance. This will increase your accuracy on any project. Furthermore, sensors that have a global shutter will also acquire data with less distortion. This will also produce better results. You may want to look at a drone like the Phantom 4 Pro. They have always been a go to drone because they have a relatively high resolution sensor with a global shutter.