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Quality of images/results Phantom 3 Standard

Hello everybody,

I am currently testing a Phantom 3 Standard with Pix4D Cloud as a proof of concept.

The quality of the results after processing on Pix4D Cloud is not that great.

Will an upgrade to a Phantom 4 (with 4K camera) greatly improve the result?

Please share your views. Thanks



Hi Didier,


Could you post here the quality report of your current processing so I could take a look? It might be a problem of image acquisition more than hardware.


I am saying this because a lot of our users use a  Phantom 3 Standard and they do obtain satisfactory results.That, of course, depending on the application.





Has any one got the required camera parameters for using a phantom 3 standard in pix4d.  Just want to ensure it’s correct.


Many Thanks


Hi Dan,

The Phantom 3 Standard camera is included in the internal camera database and will be automatically detected when importing the images taken with this camera.