Drone lost

Hi @Kapil_Khanal,

I have lost my drone while in the automatic flight mode i am delivering you the files you asked for, please tell me the latest coordinates of the drone which are saved in the application based on that i can find my drone, looking for urgent answer!

Files.zip (429.8 KB)

while you are waiting for the Tech Assistance, you can start to looking for the “latitude” and “longitude” words in your files:
for example, the last Home Point Setting was
2023-03-21 09:58:24.857 [pool-4-thread-1] DEBUG c.pix4d.libplugins.plugin.command.d - Reliable channel message: {“position”:{“altitude”:100.0,“aslReference”:0.0,"latitude":37.06599231716662,“longitude”:37.3830523696703},“type”:“HOME_POINT”,“uuid”:959}

While the last recorded position was
2023-03-21 09:58:24.832 [pool-4-thread-1] DEBUG c.pix4d.libplugins.plugin.command.d - Reliable channel message: {“position”:{“altitude”:0.0,“aslReference”:0.0,“latitude”:37.06600121210533,“longitude”:37.38307958367883},“type”:“POSITION”,“uuid”:954}

Because for the 14-digits precision, it means that the drone is still somewhere in the castle or archaelogical area, close to the center (the red pin is on the Home Point, the white circle is on the last recorded position)

I hope that can help you,

Hi @nomannasery2 , thank you for your message.

We are sincerely sorry to hear about this bad experience.

Pix4Dcapture is acting as a third-party application and can not be responsible when the drone crashes/fly away as we cannot give instructions that would override the safe behavior of the drone. When the situation gets out of control, it is coming from the drone itself.

Normally taking over manual control should prevent incidents from happening. Were you able to take over manual control by moving the remote controller joysticks, changing flight modes or by pressing the return-to-home (RTH) button? You can have a look at our article on how to interrupt a mission when unexpected behavior occurs here .

And about the last position of the drone; it looks like @giancarlo.patierno already helped you with that, just keep in mind that the last recorded position might not be the last position of the drone if the connection was interrupted at some point.

Hopefully it all will have a happy ending and you’ll be able to find your drone.

Thank you, and have a great day!