Drone Freeze in the air


My drone sometimes just freezes in the air and takes unlimited photos :// it doesnt move! sometimes it fly one or two lines, take photos and again FREEZE in the air. I have to abort mission and try several times to make it work :confused: any suggestions??

Phantom 4 pro latest firmware 
Latest pix4D android

Galaxy S7, android 7.0


Hi Lado,

Does the drone freezes at a specific point, e.g. on the turns of the mission? For how long do you usually wait before continuing the mission?

In some cases, if the drone stops and hovers at the starting point or on the turn the user needs to wait for some time, e.g. 1 minute, before the mission will continue. 

We also recommend checking that all the sensors on the drone are calibrated properly and that you can fly the drone with manufacturers app (DJI GO) without any issues.


Hello blaz,

When it freezes, it happens only at CORNERS, when it is going to turn. It hovers for several minutes until i stop the mission and try again several times. What can be the problem? With DJI Go app it flies perfect, tested several times, every sensor works good, GPS signal is also good.


I’ve had this problem a lot too, but Ive managed to rectify this by doing a compass calibration before I fly a Pix mission in the DJI app and leave it running in the background, if it does still freeze on the mission corners you can just simply override the drone and turn it through 360 degrees until the compass kicks back in again, you may have to do this on 2-3 corners before it resumes its normal mission. I hope this helps.