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Double Grid Mission camera angle


In the latest upgrade there is a Double Grid Mission mode, can anyone explain how it works? and how to set camera angle in this mode? I thought the camera angle is controlled by the app.

Thanks in advance,



You go in to the Settings and select what camera angle you want and it will use this camera angle for both of the grids in the Double Grid mission.  The Double Grid mission gives you better coverage of your study area and captures it from different angles enabling a better 3D construction.  The camera angle does not change as mentioned for both of the grids flown.

Hi Bird’s Eye Inc,
I saw a post from the developers said double grid mission will control camera, can I assume it controls yaw to make the camera face the center of the double gird in both grid flight? How you set your camera angle?


I set my camera to 80º normally for a Double Grid mission.  It flies both grids with that angle, ie. taking pictures below the UAV as it flies.  I use 80% overlap.  I have often reflown the same grid with the same mission but changed the camera angle to 45º to get even more coverage but I’ve gotten good results from just the 80º flights alone.

Thanks, I’m gonna try double grid tomorrow.

Hi Ethan,

Indeed, the camera angle can be set in the Settings after you select the Double Grid Mission option. Then, the drone will perform the two grids using this camera angle. For each one of the grids you will capture pictures of two orientations, as the drone and the camera will turn when a line is changed in the grid.

The double grid mission is a special grid case that is designed for specific reconstruction purposes, such as facades reconstruction.
Therefore, the camera angle can be adjusted between 45 and 80 degrees. These camera angles were tested and it was found that they give the best results.


Tried weeks before, very efficient for large area.