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Don't show deactivated images in manual tie points manager

Is it possible to exclude deactivated Images from the image list of the Manual tie Points Manager?

If not, this would be a good Feature.


Hi Andreas, 

By deactivated Images you mean the images that the software failed to calibrate and did not use for processing?

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. I take note of it and pass it to our Product Team :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking about the Images I deactivated myself in the Image list.

It works for me when I disable an image. 

Could you please send me a screenshot to better understand the problem?

Thank you,



In the second image, you can see image DSC00887.jpg still being shown in the list.

Hi Andreas,

You are right! I managed to reproduce the same behavior. Thank you for the screenshots!

I will report this to our Product Team as a suggestion. Feel free to share more ideas at any moment!