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Deleting uncalibrated images

After initial processing, only 88 out of 97 of my images were calibrated. I can see on Map View which did not work (they are shown in red). Is there a way to view a list of those images that did not calibrate, so they can be removed from the dataset? That way I can run another initial process and have a complete set of calibrated imagery data.

Also, the preview seems to by distorted by one or more images. Is this due to uncalibrated imagery or an outlying image that doesn’t have enough overlap? If the latter, is there a way I can detect which image is causing the distortion?

Hello Taylor,

The images that failed to get calibrated can be found under the Cameras layer in the left sidebar in the rayCloud. There is a layer Uncalibrated Cameras. You can select an uncalibrated image and all the information about this image are displayed in the Properties section in the right sidebar. In this section you can select the Disable option to disable the image.

However, removing the images will not make any difference for processing since they are not considered in the reconstruction anyway. It is always preferable to investigate on the reason these images did not get calibrated. This might indicate a problem with the overlap or the content and the quality of the image.