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How to ? & / Should I remove uncalibrated images ?

Im getting the yellow !asterik! in the quality report. 60-95% calibrated images.
Im noticing that the uncalibrated images accrue when my fixed wing is making a turn around for the next pass. Should i manually remove the images from when its turning around ? Do i have to edit the LOG file ?

Hi Ramiro,

Removing the images will not make any difference for processing.

I would check why these images do not get calibrated and improve the flight plan. You may need to take more images while turning to ensure the overlap.

Hope it helps,

When I’m turning I’m not over the POI .the airframe banks to 45° and because it’s on the edge of the project it’s not calibrated

Yes they should be removed. You only want images in that are close to nadir shots as possible. Some drones such as the eBee only take shots in the correct location and orientation.

Are you using Mission Planner for your ground station, with no flat gimbal on your fix wing UAV? If so, then yes remove those images during the banking of the UAV. Especially if those images have sky in it.

I’m still don’t understand why Mission Planner when generating the survey grid doesn’t auto turn off the camera triggering during banks between those key waypoints.

Christofer, Yes exactly im using mission planner. thank you for your answer.


If you have the ability we use a drone that does not cause the camera to bank even when it does, so the images are all taken at *roughly* the same angle. The camera is on a carriage below the drone so that it is able to say largely constant. This is true even as the drone rotates, since Pix4D does better when the images are not rotated as the drone turns. If you have access to this type of material, I would use that. Hope this helps.