Disabling many images: user experience and export features

I need to disable several 100s of images from the point cloud and find it inconvenient that the selection in the “Layer” section (to the left of the window) moves down to “disabled cameras” upon disabling them. I always need to scroll back to the top and find the index, where I left off (e.g. I’d disable image nr. 167 and the view swaps to “disable cameras”, so to process the next image in line, I always have to scroll back up and find the 168th image in the “calibrated cameras”). I would rather stay in the “calibrated camera” menu instead of having to swap selections.

Another suggestion I’d like to propose, is to be able to export the list of disabled cameras to a file, or just some way of saving the list of disabled cameras. Even a simple indicator next to the drop down menu in “disabled cameras” showing the count of disabled cameras would be nice.