Does Pix4DCapture know the extrinsics of an image when it is taken?

I am recently using a DJI phantom 4 v2 pro and I find it not possible to fetch the camera extrinsics of each image.
Since pix4d can design and make the drone follow a specific path, I wonder if it can fetch and store the camera extrinsics?
To be more specific, I want to know the euler angles of the camera, or at least that of the drone (if they are separated).

They are stored in the exif data. You can access them using “ExifTool.” Advanced Renamer has this incorporated into the software and is also a great tool to have for a lot of reasons.


Thank you for your reply.
For “they”, do you mean extrinsics of camera, or pitch&roll&yaw of drone?

Both (see image).

Also, if it’s helpful, this is an article on how Pix4D utilizes them:

Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Omega, Phi, Kappa angles (