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DJI X5 15mm initial processing

New to the DJI X5, did a stockpile mapping without GCP’s.

When i use the following settings in the Initial Processing:


This is the result i’m getting:

Uncertainty ellipses:

  • Is this pattern a sign of incorrect focus? It uses a Pix4D camera model of the database and the report says 15.047mm instead of 15.000mm so pretty close?

  • Calibration method: accurate geolocation and orientation. Is this OK when no RTK is used?

  • Only when i set the external parameters to “orientation” the resulting orthomosaic is closer to reality, but it feels incorrect to use the initial position as the computed position if I do not use RTK.





Hi Lieven. In applications where measurement accuracy is a priority, I would at least recommend using scale constraints to make sure that you have accurate relative reconstruction. Check the knowledge base for more info on scale constraint if you don’t know about them. The Zenmuse line of cameras tends to be vulnerable to rolling shutter distortion. Try enabling rolling shutter and setting the calibration method to alternative.